We understand that the allure of exploring Namibia on a self drive experience is just too much to pass up for some! The sense of adventure as you hit the road in a 4×4 vehicle, heading out into the wilderness is something that many travellers long for on their much anticipated African adventure.

Namibia’s excellent infrastructure and relative lack of traffic makes it one of the best countries in Africa to drive yourself, and camps and lodges are usually very easy to find and guided activities are available at each destination to ensure that you get the most out of your Namibian adventure.

While distances between lodges may not seem far, travel times can sometimes be a bit longer than you would expect and this is why you should book your self drive experience with the assistance of a local expert! This local knowledge will also include invaluable information on travel times, must see destinations, best value for money camps/lodges and activities and safety tips to ensure you get the best on your Namibian adventure.

A self drive experience is the best way to travel if you want to keep maximum flexibility for the budget conscious. You decide the pace at which you want to travel and we simply provide the support you need to make sure your trip goes down without a hitch. And while Namibia is an excellent destination to explore on your own, we do only suggest driving yourself if you are comfortable driving long distances on gravel roads as well as changing the occasional flat tyre.

However by choosing a self drive this doesn’t mean you don’t get to learn all about the country from expert local guides. Choose from a range of activities available at each destination to get the most out of each location, from a guided Sossusvlei tour, to a walk through the desert on a guided Living Desert safari, or a guided overnight hike in some of Namibia’s most remote wilderness areas, or a guided game drive through wildlife reserves. By choosing to self drive you can enjoy a balance of adventure and guided services.

All our suggested itineraries can easily be tailored to become a self-drive trip, or they can be further customized to your wishes, these are just suggestions to help inspire you, and get you started in planning the adventure of a lifetime!

Safari Suggestions


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