Once you have decided where you want to travel (see our destinations page if you still are not sure), and how you want to get there (private guided tour, self drive adventure, or joining a scheduled group tour) then the next step is deciding what extras you want to add on whilst you are there. Anything from adrenaline rushing activities like skydiving, sandboarding, quad biking or tracking black rhino on foot to more relaxed activities like boat cruises or scenic flights (both by light aircraft or hot air balloon).

Boat Trip

If you like to plan a relaxing day in your vacation, a boat trip is the perfect choice. Cruising the Namibian coast experiencing anything from a relaxing scenic ride, to an ocean safari whilst you search for seals, dolphins, pelicans, penguins and more.
Where? Swakopmund & Luderitz

City Tour

One of the best ways to discover a city is a guided tour by a local resident. Explore historical sites, find out where the best restaurants or cozy bars are in town, and get to know more about the cultural melting pots that are any city in Namibia. Try a walking tour and explore the city centre on foot, or jump in a vehicle and get to know the city and surrounding townships.
Where? Windhoek & Swakopmund.


For those that like to keep active whilst travelling, why not enjoy some of Namibia’s most breathtaking scenery on foot. There are plenty of options for shorter half or full day hikes or you can opt for the more challenging multi day trails, through the mountains, or deserts. Of course, these trails can be done both with or without guides.
Where? All over Namibia.

Horseback Riding

For horse riding enthusiasts, enjoy anything from a mountain trail to a relaxing ride through the desert with all variations being available for all skill levels.
Where? Windhoek, Swakopmund, Sossusvlei and a selection of private game lodges.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Brilliant views will amaze you once you are floating over the Namib Desert in a hot air balloons. Going only where the wind takes you, experience the Namib Desert in one of the most serene ways, witnessing one of the most spectacular sunrises you will ever see. This activity is VERY weather dependent so recommend a minimum of 3-4 nights in the Sossusvlei area if this is on your MUST DO list.
Where? Sossusvlei

Quad Biking

One of the best ways to explore the Namibian desert is by driving a quad. As there are almost no boundaries, you will experience an amazing sensation of freedom. Combine this with the speed these quad bikes can reach and you have all the ingredients for an exciting activity.
Where? Swakopmund


Since Namibia contains some of the largest and most beautiful sand dunes in the world, it is the ideal place to enjoy this daring sport. Choose from stand-up (similar to snowboarding) or sit down, there is an option for all adventure levels.
Where? Swakopmund

Scenic Flight

If you want to get a perfect overview of the country, a scenic flight is what you are looking for. Soar along the Skeleton Coast and see where the dunes fall into the ocean, and where shipwrecks lie hundreds of meters inland. Another option is to take a flight between two of your destinations, both to save time and to enjoy this unforgettable experience.
Where? Swakopmund & Sossusvlei


Namibia provides the perfect opportunity for stargazing. On a clear night, and outside the city lights, you will see stars you have never seen before. Enjoy the silence of the desert while taking in the infinite vastness of the sky. Where possible, a guide can point out the different constellations. The perfect night activity!
Where? All over Namibia

Sky Diving

Combining the pleasure of a scenic flight with the adrenaline rush one can only get from free falling from the 10,000m over the Namib Desert.
Where? Swakopmund

Visit Conservation Centre

Another option is to include a visit to a conservation centre, to learn more about the work being done to mitigate the issues between humans and wildlife. Where? All over Namibia

Visit Okapuka Ranch

Visit Okapuka Ranch, 20 km north of Windhoek. Enjoy a game drive on the ranch with the opportunity to see rhinos, giraffes and a number of antelopes.
Where? Windhoek

Wildlife Activities

Namibia is home to an incredibly diverse selection of wildlife, and it’s protection is something we are very proud of. Whilst exploring the country, either in our national parks, or on private reserves, enjoy the chance for a guided game drive to get some in depth local knowledge about the area you are exploring. Some private lodges and camps also offer other unique wildlife opportunities including, guided game walks, carnivore, rhino or elephant tracking. These activities are all done with an experienced guide, and you will be tracking wild animals, so expect to feel your heart race as you come within meters of a rhino, elephant or leopard.
Where? All over Namibia

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