Wetland Wilderness

The newly renamed Zambezi Region and often overlooked area of the country offers an experience different from the rest of Namibia. Renamed after the great Zambezi River, it boasts 4 of the countries lesser explored national parks, the Mamili, Mudumu, Bwabwata and Mahangu National Parks as well as four perennial rivers that also act as the national borders. All these parks contain large variety of species, many not found in other parts of Namibia, and yet still hold on to than ‘frontier’ feeling when exploring.

Apace with influences from four other countries with which it shares a border, namely Angola, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, it makes for a very unique mixture of traditions and languages.

The Zambezi region really offers an off the beaten track experience, with plenty of opportunities for the 4×4 proficient to try out their skills, and experience something truly wild like camping in unfenced campsites within national parks (safety briefings will be provided). For those that aren’t quite ready to sleep out, or just prefer the comfort of a bed, there is a range of accommodation from rustic chalets to upmarket tented camps available to suit every budget and even the chance to live on the river with luxury houseboat options. Activities also range from boat cruises to game drives and game walks in this area, offering a little contrast to the savannahs of Etosha National Park.

Due to the variations in vegetation and rainfall from central Namibia, the wildlife in this area also tends to differ drastically with many more water-dependent species including the buffalo, hippo and crocodile being popular sightings in this region. With its large green trees, flowing rivers it provides for an experience not to be found anywhere else in Namibia and definitely a worthwhile visit especially for the avid birders.

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