Matterhorn of Namibia

The granite inselbergs of Spitzkoppe are an iconic sight on the Namibian horizon. Seemingly appearing from nowhere, this area is a haven for big sky photographers with the only threat of light pollution coming from a full moon. Images of the milky way hovering over the uniquely eroded rock arch, or sunrises and sunsets peeking out from behind massive boulders have made this a must-visit destination now not only for hikers and mountain climbers but for keen photographers.

In addition to hiking and photography, The Spitzkoppe mountains are also a popular place to observe ancient San artwork with around 37 different rock paintings having been discovered dating between 2000-4000 years. This artwork differs from that in other parts of Namibia as those found here are paintings instead of etchings. Now protected, enjoy a tour with a local guide who explains how, when and why these incredible paintings have survived.

For those with a sense of adventure, grab a sundowner drink and make your way over to the bridge. One of the most iconic rock formations in the area, a rock arch that makes for some incredibly beautiful, and fun photo opportunities. However, be sure to put your camera down for a moment and cheers to the end of another wonderful day as the sun sets.

For keen astro photographers, spend the evening capturing our with your camera capturing the milky way as it appears over the mountain. Or for those that rather an early night, get up before dawn to witness the most incredible sunrise you might ever see.

Until recently, the only option for accommodation in this area was campsite within the reserve, with basic facilities but location, location, location. These days, however, the area offers a range of accommodation from rustic style tented accommodation to luxury lodges.

While Spitzkoppe isn’t always considered on a standard Namibian route, it is an easy addition without the worry of a massive detour for those with a few extra days.

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