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3 reasons why Namibia is the perfect holiday destination post COVID-19!

3 reasons why Namibia is the perfect holiday destination post COVID-19!

While the entire world is learning a new normal when it comes to social distancing, here in Namibia this is something we have been fortunate to experience forever. With one of the world’s lowest population densities, Namibia enjoys luxuries many other African countries do not with an average of just 3 people per ㎢. With the majority of the population residing in northern Namibia where rain is plentiful, this leaves vast open spaces to explore without running the risk of running into a crowd. So here our top 3 reasons to visit Namibia post the COVID-19 pandemic!

1. Natural Social Distancing

Imagine holidaying in one of the world’s most diverse destinations, experiencing the incredible landscapes of the world’s oldest desert, spectacular wildlife sightings in one of Africa’s premier wildlife reserves and meeting some of Africa’s most unique tribal groups.

Where it’s possible to take incredible holiday photos without having to ask people to step aside and where you can enjoy the luxury of a wildlife sighting without having to queue behind a line of other vehicles in a national park. Where you can travel for hours and only pass a handful of other vehicles, Where large hotels are few and far between, and the average lodge boasts less than 30 rooms so large gatherings of people just don’t happen.

Another high traffic day in the Kunene Region

2. Affordable Private Safari Options

In a time when limiting social contact is more important than ever, small and private safari options are going to be more appealing than ever before. While this generally means ‘more expensive’ than joining a group safari, Namibia offers a range of options to make your private safari as affordable, or luxurious as you like. 

From adventure camping where you pitch your own tent and enjoy meals over the campfire, to mid range lodge options with the comfort of a bed & en-suite shower, to the luxury of a small, intimate safari lodges with just a handful of rooms, there is an option to suit all budgets.So grab your family, or a group of friends and enjoy the luxury of being guided around Namibia and exploring some of Africa’s most incredible destinations.

Grab some friends and have some fun!

3. Safe and easy to navigate on a Self Drive Safari

For those that prefer the adventure of exploring a destination completely at their own pace and are comfortable changing the odd tyre then a self drive safari is a great choice. Looking for a camping adventure then hit the road in your fully equipped camping 4×4 and enjoy cooking your dinners over an open fire under the stars. Alternatively enjoy drives at your leisure from lodge to lodge, park your vehicle and let a local guide immerse you in information about the area on a guided activity. Book a self drive with us and let us help you plan the adventure of a lifetime. Tell us what you are interested in, your budget and let us work together to finalise the perfect itinerary for you and your budget. On arrival in Namibia you’ll receive all your accommodation and activity vouchers, a map and route plan and a 24hr assistance from our team on the ground here in Namibia. We are herein case you have questions, want to book an additional activity, or in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Camping self drive adventures are simply the best!

However you choose to travel, Namibia is the perfect destination and we are here to help make your first adventure after the pandemic the adventure of a lifetime. Contact us today and we’ll happily share some more reasons to visit Namibia with you.

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