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Namibia’s best destinations for game viewing!

Namibia’s best destinations for game viewing!

Where to safari for wildlife enthusiasts

While Namibia boasts a vast variety of attractions from incredible landscapes, fascinating cultural groups, today we want to brag a little about the MIND BLOWING opportunities for the wildlife viewing that aren’t always mentioned. Check out our take on Namibia’s best destinations for game viewing and ask us how you can include any or all of these in your next safari!

Etosha National Park

It’s no surprise that Etosha National Park is one of the country’s top destinations for wildlife viewing with its seemingly endless vistas and abundance of both predators and prey that can be found mulling around the same waterhole during Namibia’s dry season. In an area with few permanent water sources, animals from elephant to lion, leopard and giraffe, rhino and more are drawn to the waterholes and forced to share the space with their mortal enemies, often appearing to come to some kind of truce for the sake of clenching their thirst (and sometimes not!). Combine this with the vastness of the mighty Etosha Pan, a salt pan so large that it’s visible from space, creating the effect of a mirage and making you question your eyesight as a lone ostrich crosses this huge expanse.

Lion roaming the plains; Giraffe & Black rhino enjoying the waterhole throughout the night; lone springbok on the Andoni Plains

Where to stay when visiting Etosha
BUDGET: For those wanting to stretch their budget as far as possible then you should consider camping. There are a number of fenced campsites within Etosha National Park, and all offer a floodlit waterhole for wildlife enthusiasts to sit and enjoy throughout the night.

MID-RANGE: Each camp inside Etosha offers mid-range accommodation too so if you are looking for the comfort of a bed & en-suite bathroom in the best location then staying inside the park is ideal. However, there are also a range of mid-range lodges outside each gate, some on private game reserves still offering the chance to game view through the night.

LUXURY: For those looking to splash out and enjoy not only the best game viewing, but great service, food and luxurious accommodation then look no further than Ongava Lodge, Ongava Tented Camp, Andersson’s at Ongava or Little Ongava on the private Ongava Reserve just outside Etosha National Park’s southern gate. For those heading east, then include a stay on the Onguma Reserve at either Onguma Tented Camp or Onguma The Fort.

Northwest Namibia and the desert adapted wildlife

This combines some of the country’s most dramatic landscapes with some of possibly the most wild desert experiences you can find on the planet. Imagine seeing elephants emerging from the sand dunes to explore the ephemeral river beds, lone giraffe meandering across the barren landscapes, a pride of lion planning their next meal whilst staring down a lone springbok, a critically endangered black rhino traversing the volcanic rock strewn landscapes, or a spot of colour in a bee-eater perched on a tree branch. Namibia’s northwest might not be known for its density of wildlife, but for showcasing the extraordinary landscapes in which these desert adapted creatures survive.

Mother & calf desert elephant in the Hoanib River; Steenbok in the Palmwag Concession; Angolan giraffe in the Puros area

Where to stay when exploring Northwest Namibia
BUDGET: For those with a sense of adventure then camping is by far the #1 choice. Set up your tent on the banks of the Hoarusib River in the Puros area and listen for the elephants that wander through camp during the evening. Camp out in the Hoanib area and spend the morning investigating what creatures (sometimes predators) paid you a visit throughout the night.

MID-RANGE: There are few mid range options in Northwest Namibia, however if you prefer not to camp when possible then try Palmwag Lodge in Southern Kunene Region, Puros Bush Camp, or House on the Hill in the Orupembe area.

LUXURY: Splash out at any of the luxury lodges in the area including, Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, Hoanib Valley Camp, Okahirongo Elephant Lodge or further north at Okahirongo River Camp or Serra Cafema.

 Zambezi Region with a splash

In stark contrast to Namibia’s northwest, the Zambezi region in Namibia’s northeast is a lush tropical paradise and a wildlife haven, fed by the perennial Okavango, Zambezi, Linyati, Kwando and Chobe Rivers.

Herds of elephant swimming across the rivers, hippos wallowing in muddy shallows, hundreds of buffalo grazing on the floodplains and an abundance of birds to keep any keen twitcher excited, there is something for all wildlife enthusiasts here. Combine this with the vast variety of game viewing opportunities from guided walks (for the adrenaline junkie) to serene river cruises, to 4×4 game drives through the thick of the forests, there are more than enough ways to explore this unbelievable region.

The Zambezi region is home to large herds of elephant; A healthy population of predators; And hippos that enjoy river life

Where to stay when exploring the Zambezi Region
BUDGET: Camping is always a good option for those that are budget conscious and there are a vast selection of campsites either inside the various national parks, or wildlife concession areas to choose from. Most campsites are unfenced so wildlife is free to roam through so it’s recommended to take all necessary pre-cautions to stay safe.

MID-RANGE: Options for mid-range accommodation vary depending on which part of the Zambezi you are looking to explore from including Namushasha River Lodge to Camp Kwando.

LUXURY: Splash out with a stay at any one or more of the Zambezi’s luxurious eco camps from Jackalberry Camp, Nkasa Lupala Camp to Nambwa Tented Lodge to name a few.

Whatever type of wildlife experience you are looking for, Namibia has it so get in touch and let us know what you what your passion is!

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