Who We Are

Lark Journeys Essence

A carefree and spirited adventure started on the simple premise to share the incredible beauty, pristine landscapes and diverse cultures of Namibia with the rest of the world in a manner that enables our guests to depart with a lasting impression and lifelong memories of Namibia.

We are small tour facilitator that specializes in designing personalized, unique journeys to Namibia. Whether you are interested in small group tours with excellent private guides or designing your own unique itinerary, we can assist from the initial planning stage until the end of your journey.

Wildlife conservation and the sustainable utilization of Africa’s resources is paramount in ensuring that the benefits derived from tourism will be for the long run. It must be done in such a way that the local environment is not damaged and that local communities also benefit from it. Namibia is standing at the forefront of conservation in Africa and the world having been the first country in the world to have the protection of the environment included in its constitution. Its community based tourism efforts have been lauded for the way it has combined conservation through community involvement with successful tourism practices.

We at Lark journeys believe that any form of tourism should be of benefit to the local people and be done in such a way that it does not compromise the ability of future generations to enjoy these very same things. Wildlife is living an increasingly fragile existence and the protection thereof becomes exponentially more difficult. This process and belief is carried through from the selection of our partners to the expert local guides that will accompany you, who all have a deep rooted love for this country.

These Ethos are what fundamentally drives our work from the moment you step of the plane until you step on it again. By traveling with us you inherently become, whether wittingly or not, a stakeholder in this process.

Namibian specialist. We can organize trips to anywhere in Southern Africa, whether it be to the Victoria Falls or doing the wine route of the Western Cape, but we are quintessentially a Namibian destination specialist. Our in depth knowledge of the Namibian culture, people, environment and the local conditions places us in a perfect position to plan your journey to Namibia.

Personal and Customizes service. We are a small tour facilitator that prides ourselves on the personal and detailed attention we give to each request received. We are not and nor do we endeavor to be the biggest operator around. Each itinerary is developed with your own unique interests and needs in mind. Even our small group tours can be adapted in such a way that the activities you do are in line with what you want. Please let us know any special requests you have, does not matter how difficult it seems! If we cannot handle it than you would have a hard time finding anyone that can.

Objectivity. The properties we book and recommend are chosen simply because they met the criteria and standards that we as a company set. We have no special deals to promote a specific product nor do we have a vested interest in any of the establishments and as such ensure that the advice given is completely impartial and only for the benefit of you, the guest.

On the ground services. It is imperative that you feel safe and well taken care of when going to a destination for the first time or even as a repeat visitor. For the duration of your stay In Namibia we will ensure that all your needs are well taken care of in an efficient and professional manner. We will meet you at the airport or your hotel to provide you with a detailed briefing for your journey with us. We also provide you with the necessary on the ground support in case of an emergency. These are services that can only be offered if you are based in Namibia and have the necessary local knowledge, something Lark Journeys prides itself on.

We recognize that traveling to Africa can be an expensive affair and is often the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ for many clients. Transparent and fair pricing becomes all the more important. With many companies out there aiming to make the most profit out of each client, we actually encourage you to shop around to get the deal that suits you best. We guarantee that you will never pay more booking with Lark Journeys than booking directly with the establishments. Even considering our administrative costs we ensure that you will often times pay less booking with us than booking directly.

Booking in the low season, December to June is generally cheaper than the high season which runs from July to November. There are exceptions which we will be happy to point out. Our main concern is providing a good quality product and service and aim to match your expectations with your budget and provide the best possible value for money, provided that the properties meet our standards of service and ethos.