What To Do


As the basis of your perfect trip you can select a packaged trip, self-drive trip or a short trip. However, Lark Journeys stands for customization. Therefore, in addition to the customize your trip section, we offer these supplementary activities from which you can select to modify your trip. Even if you go for a complete package, you still have the possibility to choose these additions. We suggest a large assortment of add-ons: from energetic activities such as sandboarding and hiking up to more relaxing activities such as a boat cruise or a hot air balloon flight. The choice is yours!


For people who like adventurous sports, we offer sand boarding as an activity. Since Namibia contains the largest and most beautiful sand dunes in the world, it is the ideal place to enjoy this daring sport. Given this fact, it is no surprise that the dunes around Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are some of the most popular in the world for sandboarders. For those who do not feel that secure standing on a sandboard, you can always sit on it which makes for a safer, but equally fun, alternative. Obviously, a guide will be there to assist you.
Available around: Swakopmund, Walvis Bay

Quad Biking

One of the best ways to explore the Namibian desert is by driving a quad. As there are almost no boundaries, you will experience an amazing sensation of freedom. Combine this with the speed these quad bikes can reach and you have all the ingredients for an exciting activity.
Available around: Sossusvlei, Swakopmund

Boat Trip

If you like to plan a relaxing day in your vacation, a boat trip is the perfect choice. Cruising alongside the Namibian coast while enjoying a nice meal will bring you towards a complete peace of mind. Except of the sightseeing cruises, we also offer dolphin tours. Both kind of boat trips could be the relaxation you are looking for during your vacation. Our experience teaches us that a vacation in Namibia should have the right balance between active and more calming days. Of course, in the end this is for you to decide.
Available around: Walvis Bay

Scenic Flight

If you want to get a perfect overview of the country, a scenic flight is what you are looking for. Watch the dunes go over into the sea or see the landscape in a completely different way, these flights offer it all. Another option is to take a flight between two of your destinations, both to save time and to enjoy this unforgettable experience.
Available around: Sossusvlei, Swakopmund

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Brilliant views will amaze you once you have boarded one of these hot air balloons. Just like with a scenic flight, you will discover the country from another perspective. Although you will not cover such a distance as when you take a scenic flight, you will do it in a more relaxed way since the hot air balloon depends on the wind. In this way it also offers you the perfect opportunity to take some breathtaking pictures.
Available around: Sossusvlei

Horseback riding

Following a challenging trail or enjoying a calming horse ride in the desert, both options are available. For the first option, a certain level of experience is required since these trails cover some distance. However, for skilled horse riders it is the ideal way to discover the Namibian desert. The second option can be done by people with any level of experience. Either way, we are certain that you will not easily forget this activity.
Available around: Sossusvlei


For the more active kind of travelers, we suggest a hiking trail. An ideal alternative for people who like this kind of adventure. You can choose to go out on a one day hike at one of your destinations, or you can opt for the more challenging multi day trails. Of course, these trails can be done both with or without guides.
Available around: All around Namibia

City Tour

Since one of the best ways to discover a city is following a walking tour, we are more than happy to offer you this option. Historical sites, elegant restaurants or cozy bars, our guides can lead you towards your place of preference. Depending on your wishes our guides can accompany you just for a couple of hours, or for an entire day. See our day tours

Available around: Swakopmund, Windhoek


Namibia provides the perfect opportunity for stargazing. With the clear skies, you will see stars you have never seen before. Enjoy the silence of the desert while taking in the infinite vastness of the sky. Where possible, a guide can point out the different constellations. The perfect night activity!
Available around: All around Namibia