Bespoke and Private Safaris

Bespoke and Private Safaris

We believe this to be the best way to experience Namibia. Get inspired and put together your trip of a lifetime. These trips are generally lead by one of our expert guides and on a private trip you will have constant access to their wealth of experience and knowledge. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you a truly customizable experience. Our experience and extensive network in Namibia allows us to present you with  exactly what you want - an unforgettable journey!

Simply let us know how long you want to travel for and an approximate budget and we can start the planning. Have a look at our small group scheduled safaris for some inspiration or see some of our sample suggestions below as a basis to start form. Also have a look at our activity page for some add on activities at some of the destinations.  Special interest tours such as bird watching, honeymoon and photography are also catered for. Simply send us a request and lets get planning together.

Speciality Trips

This is becoming a popular type of safari. Especially for those that have a limited amount of time and a little more to spend. By cutting out the driving time between camps, you can maximise the use of the lodge facilities and attractions! There are more frequent flights available that connect you between many of the camps, making this travel much more feasible than it was a few years ago.

Apart from just saving time, you will also have the opportunity to see some of the most fascinating sights from a different angle. Namibia is one of the best countries to view from the air mainly because of the unique geological features that are prominent throughout. A flight from Windhoek to the desert will take you over the Great Escarpment and the Namib Naukluft mountains. Your next flight will take you from the east edge of the Namib desert over the amazing dunes of the oldest desert on earth. This sea of sand is a truly amazing spectacle.

Closer to the ocean you will have the opportunity to see some old shipwrecks and then fly along the Atlantic coast to the coastal town of Swakopmund. Your next two flights will take you over the mountainous Damaraland marked with dry riverbeds, before you will eventually head on to Etosha with an opportunity to see the great Etosha pan from a birds perspective.

These trips primarily have a greater focus on bird watching. You will however still have the opportunity to see some of Namibia’s best sights as the itinerary goes through some of the more famous sights in the country. Just enquire with us to see how we can combine both your birding needs and your general trip demands to your journey of a lifetime.

Namibia is more and more becoming a sought after destination for honeymooners. The vast empty spaces and lack of crowds, in combination with the beautiful and luxurious lodges, add to the allure of it. For this we usually focus on small intimate places that give great attention to the smaller details. A champagne brunch, dinner in the dunes, a romantic balloon flight… Please contact us to find out more about how we can customize the most important trip of your life.